Taste Of Italy By Heinz Beck

Taste of Italy by Heinz beck

It’s like a dream for me to visit Rome, some say it’s a journey to the past with all the architectural beauty held, diverse art and the irresistible food.  I would love to lose myself to such beauty and culture held. Chef Heinz beck who currently lives in Rome is one of Europe’s respected / celebrated chef who holds 5 Michelin stars and owns himself few fine dining restaurants across the world!


I was one among the privileged to be invited for a master class with Chef Heinz beck himself held at Taste of Italy at Al Wasl.

The restaurant was an easy find and so was parking. As I entered couldn’t help notice the huge spacious arrangement it had and the arranged counters for each section (desserts, meat, cheese & so on). Also at the center a large display of products from Italy are kept for sale too. At sharp 11 am we were seated facing the kitchen and got to watch chef cook his specialties in a three course meal for 45 minutes which later was served to all the foodies.



We started off with the bread basket and as we waited for our dish the staff was courteous to treat us to their signature mocktail. The raspberry drink was very refreshing and light.



A perfect presentation of beef on a design of pistachio and sun dried tomato was a pleaser.  The dish is basically minced raw meat seasoned with oil and other spices with both high quality and fresh. The presentation was beautiful and same stated taste wise.



I love pasta and can enjoy it anytime, however this time I tried it with a completely different combination. The short Italian pasta with creamy cheese served on pea foam was a surprise! I later added more grated cheese and sprinkled with pepper. The pasta which is a smaller size form is quite a healthy option and tasted really good. Pea foam was different and blended really well with the creaminess.



A small platter of calamari and zucchini along with sauce was presented to each of us – a platter to share. The small bites were tasty. Nothing was exceptional however



The best till date I have tried. The Chef presented is unique creation of a deconstructed Tiramisu with the Mascarpone rolled in a ball size accompanied with meringue drops with cocoa & coffee ice cream. Perfect to enjoy each flavor. This was the highlight for the day…needless to say!


I enjoyed my afternoon to the fullest. I and my foodie partner opted for Cappuccino to end our lunch and the staff was kind enough to provide us with one. Hospitality was at the top and the food was spot on. We will definitely be back to enjoy more on the menu and chef’s signature dishes.


Location: The Galleria Mall, Al Wasl Road, Al Safa

Cuisine: Italian

Price: AED 220/- ( for approx 2 people)

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